Labor shortages may be the most intractable of the cost risks that U.S. companies faced in the latest quarter, and as the earnings season moves into its peak there are signs the problem will persist, some strategists say.

Source: No end in sight for labor shortages as U.S. companies fight high costs | Reuters

The reality is:

When one kid in a pre-school tests positive, everyone is sent home for two weeks of quarantine even though none of them are sick. The immediate result is that parents have no predictability and frequently one parent has cut hours or even quit their job to deal with this.

Same with day care.

Same thing in public schools. Many are testing all kids and getting asymptomatic (possibly false) positive results, and telling all the kids to quarantine at home for the next two weeks.

Again, no one with kids can manage a sensible work schedule. Not everyone is an upper class spreadsheet jokey Zooming work from home person – some people, surprisingly, do real work, with real stuff, in real factories and in real offices.

Bottom line: Many parents with kids cannot both work anymore. The labor shortage is likely a self inflicted wound caused by public health policies. Public health still believes everyone can isolate and work from home, forever, and food just magically appears on their tables.

Coldstreams Skeptic