Media pivots to next scary spin on Covid-19

Just read the headline: US coronavirus: Covid-19 cases may be going down in much of the country, but for children they are still exceptionally high

Good news is spun as bad news – and fear. Because fear sells eyeballs to advertisers.

Remember the past 19 months when “positive test cases” began to drop, the media headlines focused on hospitalization numbers. When hospitalization numbers began to drop, they switched to deaths, always seeking to milk fear a little longer.

As cases continue to drop, look to media focus on the remaining states (a shrinking number) where “positive test case” numbers or hospitalization remain high.

Ignore the media – go straight to data sources like Coviestim and think for yourself. Have heard how terrible things are in Florida?  Infections per capita are approaching a limit of zero, but shhh, don’t tell anyone!


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