I am fortunate to have good eyesight. However, I do have a distance vision set of eye glasses; I am told I have a very minimal correction and I am not required to wear glasses while driving.

When my eyes are tired, or when driving at night, I prefer to wear the prescription eye glasses, and find them helpful during many activities. Today I was hiking without wearing glasses, for example, but when driving for hours, it is easier on my eyes to wear the prescription glasses.

On a recent trip, the “clip on” dark shades I have been using, broke. I thought it would be easy to find a replacement at a drug store, grocery store or even an eye glass store.


I visited 9 stores! Not one had clip on shades for prescription glasses!

The last one I visited was a store specializing in sun glasses – an entire store! But they had none either. Talking to the owner, she said there were no stores in the area that carried them either. She surmised, as did I, that many people now have contact lenses (and wear plain sunglasses), or have prescription dark glasses.

I know I can get clip ons via online order – but they are generally not carried in stores anymore!

Anyone else seeing this trend?

Guessing I now need to look into contact lenses – or something. This caught me by surprise.

(Note – there are the variable light density prescription lenses like Transitions but I have read that do not work well when driving a car as their “transition” is caused by UV exposure and most windshields act as a UV filter.)

Update: I eventually found one pair at a Walmart Supercenter, by searching online and then driving to that store, which turned at to be on the same street as my hotel! Yay! Clip on or flip up sunshades are nearly impossible to find in stores!