Oregon unemployment hits 4.9%; state maintains eviction moratorium through Dec 31

Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.9% in August from 5.2% in July, the state Employment Department reported Tuesday. It’s the first time Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped below 5% since March 2020, when the rate was 3.6%.

Source: Oregon adds 7,900 jobs; unemployment rate falls below 5% for first time since March 2020 – KTVZ

Even with such a low unemployment level, and with employers having more job openings than job seekers, Oregon retains an eviction moratorium through the end of the calendar year.

Dr. Gottlieb and others have suggested large Covid-19 waves are behind us once the Delta wave subsides. My state and the U.S. are both now seeing sharp declines in daily cases, as reported on the CDC web site.

When will the domestic pandemic be declared over with? The answer appears to be determined primarily by politics.

The pandemic will end once Congress can pass a massive spending and tax hike plan. In other words, the pandemic has its uses – when the pandemic’s usefulness wanes, the policies and hysteria will also wane. But not until then.

Congress is seeking to pass a $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill that funds Democrat-led “social benefits” programs. The pandemic is the excuse for an immediate expansion in social benefit programs. Consequently, the pandemic will not end until this bill and tax hikes are passed.

This gives hints as to when governments will choose to declare the pandemic over with – and that will be when it no longer has political value.

The next Federal Congressional election cycle gets underway in 2022. – Who wants to re-elect politicians that promised an end to the pandemic when the pandemic is still happening?

For that reason, the pandemic looks like a political liability. At which point, leadership will tell us it is “endemic” and we need to learn to live with Covid-19.

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