Multnomah County public health wants high school athletes to wear masks during competitions

This applies to fully vaccinated students who may meet the mask requirement by wearing the state’s recommended cloth facial coverings which research finds have no effectiveness in reducing the spread of Covid-19 or by wearing surgical masks, which the same study found had no effect on reducing disease spread among those under age 50.

Multnomah County health officials recently issued new COVID-19 guidance for schools, and some of it addresses fall sports. The county is asking schools to require volleyball players to wear masks during indoor practice and while they compete in games.

Source: Multnomah County health officials urge high school volleyball players to wear masks while competing indoors |

Here in Central Oregon, prior mandates for student athletes to wear cloth facial coverings resulted in two students suffering serious injuries after passing out due to low oxygen levels (according to the ERs).

Multnomah County Public Health is known for its early March of 2020 encouragement to go out and party in large groups:

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