local air quality among worst in the U.S., areas rated “hazardous”

A blanket of thick wildfire smoke made the air in and around Central Oregon’s largest city the state’s least breathable on Labor Day and among some the worst in the entire U.S., according to multiple sites that monitor air quality.

Source: Bend’s ‘hazardous’ air quality is Oregon’s least healthy, among worst in U.S. – oregonlive.com

Went through this last year too with AQI readings up to 625. This year, its been bad since mid-July and horrendous since late August.

There is zero political leadership. If they say anything they blame nebulous climate change. But what can we address about climate change that would effect forest fires next year? In 5 years? In 10 years?


The other option is forest management that makes sense to curtail forest fires. But that would require politicians to get off their ass and make a commitment to solving the problem. However, since most of the state’s politicians live where the air is still okay, they don’t give a damn.

The inability to breathe is also a public health issue – but public health only deals with one issue: Covid, and that they’ve failed at too. OHSU estimates about 60% of all state residents will have had Covid by this fall. Which means all their mitigations were ineffective and useless.