Making this a “sticky” post at the top.

From time to time, I edit old posts, typically to:

  1. Reduce wordiness and improve readability. This happens a lot. If I have not changed the original meaning then I do not mention the editing.
  2. When I make corrections, I typically add a note that I’ve updated the post and explain why.
  3. Like everyone during the pandemic, there have been days I am frustrated and sometimes angry. I have frequently gone back and softened the tone of such posts, later.
  4. I generally do not make predictions of the future. We have seen numerous forecasts about the pandemic that have been wrong, often spectacularly wrong. So why bother to make predictions? If I have implied something about the future (not often), and it turned out wrong, I have tried to go back and acknowledge that the original post was wrong.
  5. Approximately 60% of the posts I write are never made public. I often make private posts to help me keep track of and log stories of this pandemic. I sometimes write posts but lack time to fully investigate or edit the material and thus, it does not go public.
  6. I frequently make private posts as place holders – for example, when “experts” make predictions about the future, I mark them for future follow up. These posts are not public until sufficient time has passed in order to check on the experts’ predictions.