We will now silence those who engage in double wrong think. If you don’t know about Sen. Joseph McCarthy you can start your exploration here.

He has more here about how to report wrong think. A later tweet implies this should apply to other health care professions, such as dentists.

Based on his tweets, Taylor Nichols, MD appears to believe only approved and official sanctioned speech is allowed – only speech approved by the elite that agree with him, and elite government experts will be permitted.

Most of his followers support this effort to silence all dissent.

This is old religious behavior, not science. Read about how the Catholic Church charged Martin Luther with being a heretic and exiled him. This is the same behavior we see today in “public health” and “science”.

All will be threatened with loss of their medical license if they suggest something askance to the official line. Remember, at the beginning of the pandemic, WHO “experts” said the disease did not spread between humans, and that it did not spread via aerosols …

And we wonder why no one believes a word from public health experts anymore …

By EdwardM