Double wrong think – 7 of 10 worst Covid states had best vaccination rates

The censors failed – how did they let this get through?

Roughly 62.2% of the US population has received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose while about 52.9% is fully vaccinated, CDC data shows. Of the 10 states with the worst Covid-19 case rates over the past week, seven of them also had among the 10 best vaccination rates, according to the agency.

Source: US coronavirus: Already vaccinated against Covid-19? Experts say you’re protected, even without a booster shot – CNN

That is contrary to the media morons’ meme that Covid case growth is only occurring in Southern states, and is due to uneducated, red neck, Bible thumping, conservative white racist Nazi Trump supporters /satire. My blue state in the PNW is among the worst right now.

That boldface sentence above is double plus wrong think that should not have bypassed the censors!