Probably the single best online resource for tracking Covid.

Up-to-date estimates of key covid-19 metrics for your county or state

Source: covidestim: COVID-19 nowcasting

If you select “Effective reproduction number (Rt)” option, you can identify trends early on. For example, for my state, Rt peaked on July 14th and then began dropping. On August 13th, the state enacted an indoor mask mandate, and on August 27th, an outdoor mask mandate (only state in the nation to do so). However, Rt began declining in mid July – and there is on evidence that the mask mandates had an effect.

As of today, Rt for my state is below 1.0, and just dropped below 1.0 for my County – this is great news.

In almost every state, Rt is now below 1.0. Which means this Delta wave is eventually fading out.

An OHSU model projects that by fall, 90% of the Oregon population will be vaccinated or have acquired immunity – which implies the pandemic is ending here soon. No variants have “escaped” the vaccines, and many experts think it is very unlikely for variants to escape the vaccines. Perhaps that could change but so far, seems unlikely.

Remember, I am a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions.

By EdwardM