On several occasions recently, we’ve had tracked mail items that, late in the day, are marked “DELIVERY EXCEPTION – UNABLE TO ACCESS DELIVERY LOCATION”.

Those errors are bogus – apparently the USPS lacks a proper code to indicate that they are short staffed and were unable to deliver mail to anyone on the route.

I just spoke with our mail carrier and she tells me our route had no deliveries on Saturday or Monday due to lack of staff. Oddly, today we may receive two separate deliveries as they catch up (we did, in fact, get a 2nd delivery).

She is working two route shifts today.

Meanwhile, my state has banned rental housing evictions through the end of the year, and unemployment benefits were extended until next week, Sep 4th, because finding a job is allegedly hard, even though nearly every business in town has a “Now hiring” sign in their window. Crazy. Have not seen a coherent explanation for the staffing problems.

UPDATE: This is nationwide. Some people in some cities only getting mail deliveries once every two weeks. And the problem appears to be getting worse, and not getting solved.

Coldstreams Skeptic