EU moves to reintroduce COVID travel curbs on U.S.

According to the 2019 WHO report on pandemic response, border closures and travel restrictions make little sense except at the very beginning and for some island nations. Thus many countries enacted border restrictions because Science.

The European Union on Friday moved to reinstate COVID travel restrictions like quarantine and testing requirements for unvaccinated citizens of the United States and five other countries, two diplomats told Reuters.EU countries started a procedure to remove the United States from a list of countries whose citizens can travel to the 27-nation bloc without additional COVID restrictions.

Source: EU moves to reintroduce COVID travel curbs on U.S. -diplomats | Reuters

Part of this is because the U.S. has banned travel by ordinary people from the EU.

The only way to travel now is to have dual residency or dual citizenship or being an elite person, including certain “essential workers”. The rest of us can pound sand.