GM issues third recall for the Bolt, now including batteries up through the 2022 model year – in other words, GM is recalling all of them, ever made.

Simultaneously, GM is basically telling Bolt owners to hardly use them.

GM is recommending that included Bolt drivers set vehicle to a 90% state of charge limitation and avoid depleting the battery below a 70 mile range. The automaker also suggests parking the vehicle outside right after charging and not leaving the vehicle charging indoors overnight — likely due to the risk of fire. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration released its own recommendation to Bolt drivers to park their vehicles away from their homes to reduce fire risk.

Source: General Motors issues third recall for Chevrolet Bolt EVs, citing rare battery defects | TechCrunch

With those restrictions, the Bolt now has a best case range of 140-160 miles, and cannot be parked in a garage or covered parking (some owners in multi-unit housing may not have outside options).

GM says they will start replacing all defective battery modules, made by LG.

GM also announced it will not manufacture or sell any more Bolts until the problems are fully resolved.

The Chevy Bolt is dead.

From an environmental perspective – what will happen with the tens of thousands of battery packs that are replaced? Trashed, Recycled?

Recent EV Fires

What do all these EV fires have in common? LG batteries.

This is an extremely serious issue for the EV industry.