Public health messaging remains incoherent:

  • July and September 2020: Masks are more effective than vaccines – CDC Director Robert Redfield
  • 2020 to 2021: Vaccines are effective and more effective than masks. Masks were a temporary tool until we had vaccines – numerous “experts”.
  • August 2021: Those who are vaccinated must wear a generic cloth facial covering at all times indoors, in many communities outdoors too, and outdoors at U.S. National Parks when within six feet of others.
  • August 2021: Vaccines are so effective that we will urgently administer a 3rd dose of the vaccine you already have, even though we acknowledge we have little evidence to support this now, have no idea if it will change the spread of the disease, and don’t know if a 3rd dose my cause a “hyper immune” response.

Got that? Masks are more effective than vaccines, vaccines are more effective than masks, vaccines work really well, therefore you must wear a mask, even outdoors, and you desperately need a booster shot ASAP for the vaccine that really works.

This sequence of messaging is nonsensical babble – inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and incoherent.

If you are confused it is because you are an uneducated, non-credentialed, right leaning, Bible-thumping Republican conservative from a Southern state who is probably a racist Nazi. So shut up. /Satire

By EdwardM