Some in the U.S. think the U.S. would be so much better off if we had only been like Australia:

Still, Europe in many ways is being more sensible than us about the pandemic. That collides with deep Anglo prejudices that we do democracy and police better than the Continentals. In this case, they may need rethinking.

Since early 2020 no European country has done any of the following: make it virtually impossible for its citizens to return or leave; instruct its citizens not to talk to each other in shops or to ‘browse’; empower police to decide what are ‘non-essential’ items (including whether somebody needs to buy a new pair of shoes); deploy the military to enforce lockdowns; accept its police asking people, Stasi-style, to snitch on others for breaking lockdown rules; or recruit a senior communist to advise on lockdown policy.

Source: Euro notes | The Spectator Australia

By EdwardM