Yes: “Will we need vaccine passports to do fun things?”

Suspect that by October, “Vaccine passports” will be required for all events, most businesses, and air travel, including domestic air travel.

NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) — Ready to go out on the town before summer ends? In parts of the U.S., you might have to carry your COVID-19 vaccine card or a digital copy to get into restaurants, bars, nightclubs and outdoor music festivals.

Source: EXPLAINER: Will we need vaccine passports to do fun things? – NewsNation Now

There are hints the U.S. government will offer a national vaccination passport system based on smart phones or QR codes, with an announcement as soon as September. While its usage will not be mandated for use in the U.S., nor run by the government, it will be required for international air travel in bound and out bound. Many private sector organizations may also choose to use this system as well. In effect, a digital vaccine passport seems likely to be operational perhaps by October.

Are vaccine passports really enforceable? Retail businesses will now to have to put staff at all entry points to verify status. If you are not vaccinated, retail businesses can ask you to leave but if you do not, there is little they can do.