Predictable: “States that had a grip on COVID now seeing a crush of cases”

Who knew that DeSantis was the governor of Oregon, Arkansas and Louisiana?

Oregon — like Florida, Arkansas and Louisiana — has more people in the hospital with COVID-19 than at any other point in the pandemic. Hawaii is about to reach that mark, too.

Source: States that had a grip on COVID now seeing a crush of cases | KATU

Gov. DeSantis also runs Hawaii. He really gets around.

As explained repeatedly, given time, everywhere ends up at roughly the same point, regardless of mitigations measures (or no measures).

The media has piled on to DeSantis – will they do the same for the Governors of these other states?

The U.S. is seeing the virus storming back, driven by a combination of the highly contagious delta variant and lagging vaccination rates, especially in the South and other rural and conservative parts of the country.

Didn’t realize Oregon is a rural, conservative Southern state. The things I don’t know (and I even live in Oregon). Today is the worst daily number of new cases – hospitals are now said to be full. Blame Gov. DeSantis!

Oregon had 4th lowest “cases per 100k” population, in the country. This means comparatively few people had natural acquired immunity. More recently, about 56% of everyone were fully vaccinated. By comparison, South Dakota previously had a huge number of “cases” and presumably much acquired immunity; today, they have one of the lowest case counts and no Delta spike has been seen, as of yet. My concern is that Oregon’s low acquired immunity rate might play a role in the Delta spread – and this could now get very bad.

Today, Jackson County (Medford, OR) and Josephine County have made an emergency request for a 300 patient field hospital and for hundreds of additional staff to be brought in. They have run out of hospital beds. One hospital official said that if you are not expected to die in the next 24 hours, then your surgery is canceled.