Employer Mandates

Government officials have made clear they want employers to mandate vaccinations and many are already doing so, with more to come.

School Mandates

Once an approved vaccine is available for ages <12, vaccination for SARS-CoV-2 will be mandatory for attendance (as vaccinations for other diseases are also now mandatory).

International Travel Mandates

Vaccine passports will be implemented in the United States in September, it appears. The Federal government has announced it is developing a plan to allow vaccinated foreigners to travel to the U.S. Implementing that requires a verifiable, authenticated vaccination record.

I have written since last winter, about the growing movement towards vaccine passports. Like them or hate them, passports have always been inevitable. Unfortunately, the U.S. government is about six months behind where it should have been on this.

Domestic Travel Mandates

3 out of 4 airlines say they would like to enforce a vaccine mandate for passengers.

The Federal system will enable airlines to enforce travel restrictions – not provable vaccination record – you are on the No Fly List.

Business Mandates

Many restaurants, bars, cafes, and event venues are already demanding that you present your vaccination card or you will be denied entry.

Update: Just after I wrote this post, Los Angeles has mandated vaccine passports for entrance to businesses, restaurants – for ALL indoor public spaces.

Vaccinations Will Be De facto Mandatory

While the government cannot likely mandate vaccinations for all, they can, in fact, do so via proxy. And this is what they are doing by strong arming (threatening to withhold government contracts) businesses.

Second Class Citizens

Some people may not be able to be vaccinated for medical reasons. Some people have had allergic reactions. Some young people have been hospitalized in ICU with myocarditis. Some people were hospitalized with blood clots (some died) after receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

They will be unable to receive a vaccine passport. Will they be permanently cast off from society?

Civil Liberties

Public health “experts” have made clear that civil liberties do not exist in pandemics (except for politically correct protests) and the protections of the U.S. Constitution do not apply during pandemics. There is no legal basis for that, but this what many have said.

Thus, you will be forced to comply.

Remember, the Speaker of the British House of Commons said this is a trial run for climate change enforcement:

“Sir Lindsay Hoyle told a gathering of counterparts from some of the world’s most powerful countries that the pandemic shows people are prepared to accept limitations on their lifestyles – if they recognise it is for the greater good.

He was surprised by the willingness of millions of people to wear masks and accept new rules, and said the urgent response the world has shown to deal with Covid-19 should now be harnessed to address climate change.

We do not need conspiracy theorists when the elite have already said this is what this is about.

Welcome to 1984.

By EdwardM