Mandatory indoor masks for all likely to be re-instated


Agency recommendations should support local and state health officials who may need to impose mandates to fight the delta variant.

Source: Opinion | CDC guidance on masking needs to change — now – The Washington Post

And remember, Los Angeles mandates that even fully vaccinated persons wear “masks”.


As of this week, my state’s public health agency still says N95 masks should not be used by the public, but that N95 masks and “medical grade masks” should be reserved for use by health care workers.

They then say that the public should use “cloth face coverings”. They provide no standards. They provide no evaluation metrics. Any “cloth face covering” made of a random bit of random cloth suffices.


My state achieved an astounding 94% “compliance” on wearing cloth face coverings – and yet cases than grew by more than 10x per day afterward.

Rather than do what actually works – N95 masks – they will mandate the use of useless cloth face masks by the general public, again – and like before, daily case counts will rocket skywards. And like my state, they will Order the public NOT TO BE PROTECTED BY WEARING A PROVEN MASK SUCH AS AN N95 MASK.

Public health is so full of shit at this point that they are unable to see the contradictions in their own statements.

Update: Last July, and again in September, then CDC Director Robert Redfield said if everyone wore masks, this would all over with within weeks. He even said that masks were more effective than vaccines. Yes, he really said that.

Within 2-3 months, daily new cases had risen by ten times.

Now, they tell us that vaccines don’t work, and we should all go back to wearing random bits of cloth over our faces – because the rise in cases when we wore masks (10x!) proves that masks work. Or something.

Masks work better than vaccines even though cases increased by an order of magnitude – and now they imply vaccines don’t work and we should go back to wearing random bits of cloth.

As a brain injured idiot, I am unable to make any logical sense out of what public health says any more. Public health experts are truly full of shit.