For 18 months, many of us have lived under a “state of emergency” during which public health “experts” suspended civil rights, mandated covering our faces. restricted our access to services, even critical health care, shut schools and businesses, putting many out of business permanently.

These unilateral actions are anathema in a democracy based on freedom.

At some point their Orders must be treated like any other government agency and subjected to public review and comment, and discussed directly with those affected.

There is zero reason at this point for their continuing to have non-contestable authority to rule over us – especially considering our Constitution and the basis of our country’s freedoms and our democracy.

It’s time for their Orders to be subject to public review and comment. Tell, not sell, has been a failure – and has led to disenfranchisement and loss of trust in public health itself.

Public health is not royalty and their numerous inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and frequently incoherent statements and mistakes makes clear they are fallible. It is time for public health to solicit the public’s input – to rule by consent of the governed.

By EdwardM