Australia was founded as a prison colony: And it still is

South Australia has just beaten an Australian lockdown record.Its new restrictions demand people do not travel more than 2.5km from their home.

Source: Covid 19 coronavirus: Adelaide lockdown restrictions the harshest in Australia – NZ Herald

Residents are not permitted outside their home for more than 90 minutes.

By any other terms, this would be called an authoritarian dictatorship.

And if this does not work, Australia plans to lock down indefinitely. Basically imprisoning everyone in their home.

Note – NPIs have never stopped the progression of a diseases except on relatively small island nations (according to WHO). My comment here, an I can cite the Oct 2019 WHO report, or a 2006 peer reviewed paper would be banned on social media.

We live in frightening times, and its not entirely because of Covid-19.

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