If you are able to be vaccinated, please do so soon.

If you are able to be vaccinated, there is no excuse not to be vaccinated now.

Vaccine supplies are plentiful and vaccinations may be obtained at numerous locations nearly everywhere in the U.S. and many other countries.

Covid-19 is a serious disease for many, that can lead to hospitalization and death, especially – but not exclusively – to those who are elderly and/or have various health conditions including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. Even some very healthy people have died from Covid-19.

There are only a few ways to address Covid-19:

  1. Get the disease and develop natural immunity. While many will have asymptomatic or mild illness, some will have very serious illness, be hospitalized and some will die.
  2. A simpler way to get immunity is to get vaccinated. Vaccination primes your immune system so it can respond rapidly if you contact SARS-CoV-2 virus. This means you may have no symptoms or few symptoms for a short period – versus having Covid-19 without immunity.
  3. Live in a sealed bubble the rest of your life. This is not possible – our society is highly interconnected and we cannot shut down for other than very short periods of time. Most other options – known as non-pharmaceutical interventions – either work only for a limited period of time, do not work, or do not work at all. They are not sustainable forever.

Eventually, nearly everyone on earth will either be vaccinated or have Covid-19 at some point. That is just how it works out.

It’s your choice then – get vaccinated or unnecessarily risk being extremely sick and even dying.

By EdwardM