Even science has lost credibility

The pandemic has been devastating to the credibility and trust placed in public health and epidemiology.

That loss of trust extends to science itself.

In the UK, their SAGE Committee employed a subteam of psychologists skilled in behavior manipulation (notably based on fear) and propaganda as part of their Covid-19 response. A UK politician has said they should employ the same methods for climate change policy.

Here in the U.S., there has long been a major focus on fear – even news reports that “experts” felt we must exaggerate the fears.

The media and politicians have largely declared the pandemic over with. This seems to be to clear the way for scary climate change topics, policies, legislation, taxes and life restrictions. They have already said they will employ the same psychological behavior manipulation experts for this next phase. It is not a conspiracy theory when those in power have confirmed it 🙂

Much of the public no longer has confidence that science is seeking “a truth” but is instead an activist function, seeking to persuade others to adopt an agenda.

Thus, we have the loss of confidence in institutions themselves. Without trust, society begins to unravel. This is not good.