The incompetence is staggering

ALL pre-pandemic research said N95/FP2/FFP3/KN95s work, surgical masks barely worked, and cloth masks did not work at all.

So what did we do: In the U.S. we de facto prohibited the public’s use of N95 masks, said not to use surgical masks, but to use worthless random bits of cloth.

An NHS hospital that upgraded the type of face masks worn by staff on its COVID wards saw cases fall by up to 100%, new research suggests.

Staff working on coronavirus wards at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge stopped using fluid resistant surgical masks (FRSMs) and replaced them with filtering face piece 3 (FFP3) ones in December 2020.

Source: COVID-19: Addenbrooke’s Hospital upgraded COVID staff’s face masks and ‘cut ward-based infection to zero’ | UK News | Sky News

Public health officials should be jailed over the harm they caused.

Update: Oh, they’ve know this all along to according to this Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology in the UK.