The heat dome effect: Pandemic will be declared over with within about a week

The media will pivot from the pandemic fears and hysteria to the climate change fears and hysteria. The timing of the western heat dome coincides with the end of the pandemic – hence, within about a week the pandemic will be declared largely over with. Time to move on to the next scary thing.

“Climate change isn’t your grandchildren’s problem, it’s yours.”

Source: With a heat dome poised to shatter Oregon records, what role does climate change play? –

Unfortunately, the media and the experts have cried wolf so many times this past year, that even a real issue of concern may now be ignored by the public. Much of the public has learned a lesson about the media, fused with the suicide of expertise this past year.

I don’t have a link but I had seen a while back that insiders at CNN said they were, in fact, planning to pivot to climate change fear porn as their next major media push.