Very few people who have been vaccinated have gotten sick, hospitalized or died due to Covid-19.

A total of 933 people, or about .03%, tested positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated. And 71 of them, or .002%, were hospitalized for those infections, according to the data.

“These numbers show that the vaccine is working extraordinarily well to prevent infection, illness and death in almost everyone vaccinated,” Ferrer said.

She added that the positive tests include those who are asymptomatic with no known exposure, and who are required to test for work or to receive medical care. There’s also likely to be people who received a false positive test result.

Source: 12 fully vaccinated people died of COVID in L.A. County, showing shots work ‘extraordinarily well,’ health officials say | NewsNation Now

Interesting that the text in bold is now brought up. I pointed out long ago that mass screening of asymptomatic people, such as was being done for certain workers and students, is going to produce a false positive problem (unless double tested). Months ago, few people talked about that. But now they bring it up …

The false positive problem (if not double tested) gets much worse as the prevalence of the disease in the population goes down – as it is in most of the U.S.

By EdwardM