Within 2-3 weeks, daily positive tests will likely drop below 10,000/day. Fauci said a while back that the pandemic is over once we drop below 10,000/day. (No idea how that compares to a bad influenza year but am guessing we are much more strict for Covid).

Between now and the 4th of July, I’ve got 3 events canceled, two of those on the 4th.

Events have to make”Go” or “No Go” decisions based on what the rules are now – and need to make decisions in advance before they spend money on getting the events ready, only to have the state shut them down at the last minute.

Some of you live in “free” states. But here in Oregon, we will be shut down and masked up until hell freezes over. Looking like summer in Oregon is going to be another lost year.

Too bad for Oregon businesses – we will travel to local states that have resumed living.

I will try to follow up on this by mid-June.

By EdwardM