Very little of the fear mongering predictions were correct. Their entire message has been based on fear, and never hope.

  • In the spring, their disease models were massively wrong (and would be wrong throughout the pandemic). ICL’s epidemiologist to the stars, Neil Ferguson said the U.S. would see 2.2 million deaths by August of 2020. Completely wrong. But that was the basis for policy choices in the U.S. Simultaneously, he violated his own lock down order to have a fling with his married girlfriend, less than 2 weeks after he had, in fact, been diagnosed with Covid-19 himself. He violated his own orders because he was more important you peons.
  • In the summer/early fall, the experts said if we all wore masks, the pandemic would be over with in weeks. In the real world, the number of daily new cases increased by an order of magnitude.
  • They then predicted a “holiday surge”, or as Fauci put it, “a surge upon surge”. In the real world, the reproduction rate began declining most everywhere before Christmas. There was no holiday surge but the loudest public health mouthpieces stuck to their guns on this; but they were wrong.
  • The experts failed to predict the sharp decline that began in January.
  • In late January, Dr. Michael Osterholm predicted that the next 6-14 week would see more daily cases than the U.S. had yet seen. He colorfully described this as we were “in the eye of a hurricane”. In fact, cases plummeted; he was wrong.
  • CDC Directory Rochelle Walensky, in late March said she feared “impending doom” of a huge increase in cases due to variants (aka scariants). She shed tears as she said this. She was wrong.
  • Texas dropped mask mandates in early March; the experts predicted a disaster. In fact, all metrics there got better. There is no coherent explanation as to why, either.

There has been little self awareness by epidemiologists and public health experts as to how wrong they have been about everything. I have even seen “experts” bad mouthing those who point out their errors, using the logical fallacy of an appeal to authority and credential-ism as if that makes their falsehoods true. A fact is true regardless of who says it, noted Nobel recipient Bertrand Russell (see what I did there?)

Lacking an ability for introspection, they will not self correct and fix the problems that led them into this hole of zero credibility.

There are reasons that surveys find only 1/3 of the country has confidence in public health. The rest no longer believes anything they say.

Epidemiology is a religion, not a science. It has been wrong about almost everything – and there is much more than could be listed here.

And oh, Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo was the one who told us that protesting was more important than fighting a virus. After spending months telling us this virus was so bad we needed to close work, lay off 40 million workers, close schools, isolate in our homes under (prison terminology) lock down for months, and wear useless cloth masks at all times. She (and then followed by 1,288 public health “Experts”) said fighting a virus was no longer the #1 priority.

Jennifer Nuzzo
Participating in protests is more important than fighting a virus, says Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo

I have no idea what she was thinking by saying the above. She seems like a usually level headed, bright person. But then she said the above. What?

Coldstreams Skeptic