A video being shared on social media allegedly shows a Poynette teacher berating a student for failing to wear a mask, calling him a “jerk” and “dummy.”

Source: Poynette teacher placed on leave after viral video appears to show her condemning student | Education | wiscnews.com

I linked the edited version of the video [protected student’s privacy], above, so you can see this for yourself. The teacher was unhinged and the student remained calm throughout. The teacher used derogatory terms, said other students didn’t like him, and that she did not care that he was fully vaccinated. (Teachers in Wisconsin had been moved to the front of the vaccination line, in February.)

The teacher has been suspended, pending an investigation. Another report said the student had been eating at the time this occurred (confirmed). The School District also turned off all commenting on their social media page.

Update: The full video is available on Youtube and it appears the student was eating at the time the teacher became unhinged.

Since April 9, 2021, individual schools in Wisconsin can set their own mask policy. More evidence of the lack of scientific underpinning to epidemiological guidance.

This incident is indicative of the incoherent messaging created by public health “experts”. This teacher believes a face mask is more effective than a vaccine, when both people are fully vaccinated (or should be) which is in opposition to current CDC guidance.

By EdwardM