Surprised it’s this high: About 1/3d of Americans have confidence in public health agencies

Fewer than 4 in 10 adults report having “a great deal” or “quite a lot of trust” in the National Institutes of Health (37%), the Food and Drug Administration (37%) and the Department of Health and Human Services (33%).

Health experts say the politicization of public health measures such as masking, travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders also has influenced public opinion.

Source: CDC, FDA: American opinion of public health system suffers amid COVID

You mean politicization like this? Protesting is more important than fighting a virus?

Jennifer Nuzzo
Participating in protests is more important than fighting a virus, says Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo

June 2, 2020 is the day I lost all confidence in public health. Really.

That week, after 1,288 other public health “experts” signed an online petition saying the same thing is the day I unfollowed dozens of public health “experts”, never to listen to them again.

They then blame “politicization” for the public losing confidence in “experts” who no longer have any credibility and who have been wrong about most everything. An entire field of study that lacks any self awareness.