In public health communications there is only fear:

More than a year after the pandemic started, Covid-19 is still ravaging parts of the world, but now scientists are warning that another virus could be a serious threat in the coming months: influenza. This season, the flu virtually disappeared, with less than 2,000 lab-confirmed cases in the United States to date, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….

Source: Scientists Worry Next Flu Season Could Be a Bad One – NECN

Public health messaging remains stuck on terrible.

A question I’ve had for a long time but which no one will answer: if face masks and mitigations were effective at stopping influenza, why were they not effective at stopping Covid-19?

Keeping in mind that in many parts of the country an estimated 30% – even as high as 55% – of the population was believed to have had Covid-19 antibodies, with many having barely symptomatic or no symptoms at all.

By EdwardM