Why practicality is essential to public health

Public mitigations require voluntary compliance; heavy handed police enforcement will never work. This means “sell, don’t tell” strategies.

Many mitigations are ineffective because they are not practical. Sure, rich white-collar workers can work from home and order delivery of their needs – but that is outsourcing their risk to a generally lower paid, less privileged individual. When 71% of the workforce is declared essential, we can’t really lock down anyway.

This example illustrates what happens when we lost practicality:

The thread explains this with more examples – and notes that public health has been disconnected from a real world understanding.

Public health also needs to address their steadfast refusal to acknowledge significant inconsistencies in their messaging. That they have no explanation for this ruins their message. TX and MS ended mask mandates and were predicted to be disaster zones – instead, they’ve continued downwards (even in spite of the Texas Rangers game and filled stadium two weeks ago) while MI, NJ and NY maintain tight restrictions – and got worse.

Meanwhile, the Twitterati remain stuck in nonsensical hysteria. Such a dignified professional response, eh? His response cannot be justified based on any data or historical understanding of how vaccines work, but what ever, he’s a highly paid opinionator.