It is critical that high fear levels be maintained

Most Americans believe that the COVID-19 situation in America is improving, despite evidence of rising cases.

Source: ‘This is not the time to lessen our efforts’: Americans’ fear of COVID-19 falls to lowest level since April 2020 – MarketWatch

Optimism is “not good news”?

Public health “experts” continue to focus on fear. For nearly the entire pandemic, there has been no sense of “hope” – yet “hope” was the theme of the 2020 WHO World Mental Health Day.

There is a reason for the focus on fear: Propaganda is messaging designed to encourage a target audience to adopt someone else’s agenda, and fear is one of the most powerful techniques of propaganda messaging.

When we are scared, we stop thinking rationally. And rational thought is the enemy of the propagandist.

Public health “experts”, the media and numerous politicians want us to remain living lives in fear for as long as possible. A state of fear enables them to do what they want, which is not necessarily what you want.

I do not normally post anything specific to politics here. However, in 2016, a prominent social media propaganda campaign was shared into my social media news feeds, and that 2016 campaign is relevant here because it explains what is going on in 2021.

Back in 2016, a well known, online, for profit, social media-based publisher of propaganda posters created a widely shared click-bait post that was a fantasy view of Denmark asserting things about Denmark that were provably not true, or which were presented in a very misleading way. That widely shared post revealed that a political party in the U.S. has a fantasized view of a Denmark utopia – and wants the U.S. look like this fantasized country.

I disassembled their propaganda poster in an 8 part series on on my Social Panic blog: Denmark Fairy Tales: Is Denmark the happiest nation because of this? No. Most everything in their propaganda campaign was false and misleading, at best. The parts that were true were true for reasons contrary to what you likely believed.

We are now turning the U.S. into this fantasy through the use of fear. The fear of Covid-19 is used, as Rahm Emanuel emphasized years ago, to “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

Even though unemployment has fallen below 6%, we are sending out stimulus checks to most everyone and proposing to make these transfer payments permanent. Cities are setting up “universal basic income” programs (which have not yet worked in any test cases where they have been done). The U.S. is proposing “free” pre-K pre-school, and free community college tuition (text books and other fees often cost as much as tuition at the community college). Bernie Sanders is proposing “Medicare for all” (which has nothing to do with Medicare, other than the name) for all those age 55+. We have banned evictions and foreclosures indefinitely, transferring the cost of housing from the parties receiving housing on to other parties through a government taking of private property. We have asserted that technocratic “experts” know what is best for each of us – even when history shows their decisions and assertions were wrong.

To drive through this dramatic socialization of life in America, it is necessary to maintain a state of fear a bit longer. Think about it.

We only discuss “benefits” and never discuss “costs”. We spend first, and then discuss how we pay for it later. Left out of our fantasy of Denmark is that Denmark workers typically pay 40-70% of their annual income in taxes. Those are not marginal tax rates but total percent of income.

This is what is going on in the U.S. right now – we talk only about the “benefits” of our fantasized Denmark style society and will get saddled with the “costs” later, once we can not turn back from this path forward.

There is a reason sales people focus on benefits and avoid talking about price until the purchaser is hooked!

To keep the momentum going, it is essential to keep the country in a state of fear, a state that public health is actively working to maintain. They cannot let good news intrude in this mission – case counts were not supposed to drop suddenly in January and February, as they did. Thus, they twisted their message to “variants” – a threat that Prof. Vincent Racaniello says is based on a misunderstanding of viruses.

At this time, we have a 4th wave ripple. It is too soon to say if this will die off shortly or grow higher. However, when 30-45% of some areas (and even up to 90% in the Amish community and some other locations) already have antibodies (not including the vaccinated), there isn’t enough targets left for the virus to continue at a wild pace, as Dr. Scott Gottlieb points out.

But – we have the public health “experts” doing their weekly talk show circuits and forecasting doom, gloom and more fear. They must keep the fear alive a little longer. For political reasons.

Note – I am not a member of any political party. I do not support extreme views on either the left or right. Remember, as frequently pointed out, I am a brain injured idiot so there’s that.