U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges cloth face masks do not work?

Am guessing they intend to make face masks mandatory forever:

The Mask Innovation Challenge aims to improve the comfort, utility, and protective capabilities of available community masks that are worn during day-to-day activities when physical distancing is not possible. This competition is designed to support the development of mask designs that meet predefined performance standards, while providing increased comfort and durability to the average consumer.

The Mask Innovation Challenge seeks to develop innovative and effective designs for mass-producible, general-use, low-cost per use masks that provide enhanced protection from respiratory disease pathogens. Furthermore, it should be usable by most people without extensive considerations for form, fit, and training for the user. Despite guidelines published by the CDC that recommend the use of personal protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infection and spread, there remains widespread resistance to mask use; these barriers include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently available retail masks are often untested, with unknown protective capability
  • Physical discomfort with prolonged use, particularly in hot and humid environments
  • Perceived or actual breathing difficulties
  • Irritant contact dermatitis with extended wear
  • Inability to effectively communicate with others using facial expressions
  • Speech intelligibility and difficulty with glasses wearing,
  • Lack of understanding of the features of a mask


There you go – the US DoHHS acknowledges that most masks are “untested, with unknown protective capability”. EXACTLY what I said one year ago – would you stand next to a person with confirmed Covid-19 who is coughing while that person is wearing a home made cloth mask, made from random materials, using an unknown design, and assembled by a person of unknown skill? That is specifically what the CDC told you to do one year ago – the whole point was that we don’t know if we were asymptomatic carriers and our home made cloth masks were to protect others.

Now here we are 12 months later and the Feds acknowledge the obvious – and this explains why subsequent cases went up by an order of magnitude after high compliance mask requirements went into effect. Because the cloth masks never worked.

That’s why Germany, Austria, the NBA and the White House have mandated certified N95 (or FP2s in the EU) and banned cloth face masks.