This says the decision to do just the first of the two-dose vaccines, and delay the second dose for a few months in order to get more people with one dose, sooner – has been a success. Deaths from Covid-19 have fallen by 96% in the UK! Wow!

The U.S. will soon achieve herd immunity against the novel coronavirus, but the U.K. will get there sooner. That’s because medical leaders across the pond put the priority on first-dose vaccination, delaying booster shots so that more people could get the initial shot. Fifty-nine percent of British adults are now vaccinated with one dose, vs. only 38% in the U.S.

Far more Americans are fully vaccinated—21% have received either a booster or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot. In the U.K., where the only options are two-dose vaccines, only 8% of adults are fully immunized.

In both countries, the number of daily deaths peaked in January—3,352 on Jan. 12 in the U.S. and 1,248 on Jan. 23 in the U.K. Since then, the U.S. count has declined 72%—which sounds impressive until you put it up against Britain’s 96%. U.K. deaths now average 47 a day. The U.S. figure, 938, is 20 times as high in a country less than five times as populous.

Source: U.K. Vaccination Puts U.S. to Shame – WSJ

By EdwardM