Depending on where you lived, here are some of the insane things public health encouraged one year ago, to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Eventually, nearly all of these were reversed.

  • Closed all public parks
  • Closed bike lanes and trails
  • Closed access to USFS and BLM trail heads
  • Closed all public restrooms – and replaced them with dirty Port-A-Potties
  • Closed all public gyms (but the City of San Francisco kept those for its employees open)
  • One way arrows in grocery store aisles
  • Wiping down all groceries with alcohol hand sanitizer or soap and water
  • Sanitizing the refrigerator doors in grocery stores; sanitizing everything
  • Letting packages sit outside in the sun to “disinfect”
  • In China, we saw images of people wearing hazmat suits wandering the streets – outdoors – spraying unknown infecticides(?) on the ground
  • Using inaccurate infrared thermometers to take our temperature before entering a facility
  • Banned indoor dining – but allowed “indoor” dining inside tents erected in the parking lot
  • Closed all small businesses but permitted big box stores to remain open
  • Locked down entire college dorms for 2 weeks, where stepping outside a room could result in immediate suspension from the college
  • Washing one’s clothes after shopping at the big box store. Seriously, I know of people who upon return from the store or work, removed their clothes in the garage and went into the shower.
  • Public library books, once returned, were not checked out again for several days (up to a week) to ensure any virus particles would have died.
  • One year ago, we were to have a massive shortage of ventilators – every techco and manufacturing company started work on new ventilators and the government forced General Motors to make 200,000 of them – which were never used.
  • One year ago, tech companies said smart phone apps would track our movement and identify potential “contacts”. As of today, these apps are mostly unused and have found very few cases.
  • Required wearing face masks outdoors – even when not near others. In fact, San Francisco required face masks with 30 feet of someone outdoors, and some states mandated face masks outdoors at all times (no exceptions).
  • Shut down non-emergency health care services in my state for about 8-13 weeks, depending on which county you were in – to limit impacts on health care services due to a fraudulent model projection that put us at the breaking point. In the real world, health care workers were furloughed since many had no work as 50% of hospital patients vanished.
  • And everyone’s favorite: DO NOT WEAR A MASK-THEY DO NOT WORK, If you wear a mask you are stealing one from a health care worker, to WEAR A MASK, IT IS THE LAW to WEAR TWO MASKS OR MAY BE THREE MASKS.

Today, nearly all of the above has been abandoned as their ineffectiveness was eventually recognized.

It says much about the failed field of study that came up with literally useless measures that never worked. Mostly, all these measures did was create fear, hysteria and panic – which in turn have created their own public health problems.

By EdwardM