Face masks and lock downs forever: Even when fully vaccinated

This seems to be the goal:

March 30 (UPI) — Even with COVID-19 vaccines widely available, people must still wear masks, practice social distancing and stay away from crowded, poorly ventilated indoor spaces to suppress the virus and avoid future lockdowns, a study published Tuesday by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Source: Masks, distancing still needed as cities reopen, even with vaccinations, researchers say – UPI.com

It’s not based on real world data but on computer models.

For this study, scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Liverpool in England used computer models of virus spread under different potential control scenarios.

Their model, in spite of real world data and published papers saying otherwise, says lock downs, school closures, staying at home and wearing face masks forever, works.

The nice thing about a model is you can use any assumptions you want and it will be true for virtual worlds having the same virtual assumptions.