Where are positive test results rising?

From Kinsa Healthweather map

The main areas of rising case counts are MI, NY, CT, NJ, parts of MN and north TX and Miami, FL.

MI, NY, CT, NJ and MN continue to have many life restrictions in place whereas TX and FL have few or no government mandated restrictions. Similarly, OK and MS have dropped restrictions, and CO is ending its mask mandate shortly.

There is essentially no correlation with restrictions/mitigations and outcomes.

Some of the red counties are in rural areas. There, due to low populations, a comparatively small number of positive tests can translate into a high number/100k of daily new cases. Saw this my state. But it doesn’t mean much.

I continue to have concerns that over the next week or two, we will see rising case counts in my state, Oregon. Case counts and deaths in Oregon have been among the lowest in the nation. The “experts” say this is due to good adherence to life restrictions – but how does that explain California which had some of the worst outcomes, and the toughest and longest running restrictions?

With comparatively few cases in Oregon, population immunity is dependent on vaccinations. While vaccinations will be rolled out aggressively starting this week or next, it may be a month before we see the effects of new vaccinations leading to a reduction in cases.

On the good news side, we have seen a sharp decline in deaths at age 65+. This may be because most of that group have been vaccinated, or, sadly, because the most vulnerable in that group already died, leaving fewer targets for lethal Covid.

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