A new curve to flatten in 15 days: “Global rise in childhood mental health issues amid pandemic”

For doctors who treat them, the pandemic’s impact on the mental health of children is increasingly alarming. The Paris pediatric hospital caring for Pablo has seen a doubling in the number of children and young teenagers requiring treatment after attempted suicides since September.

Doctors elsewhere report similar surges, with children — some as young as 8 — deliberately running into traffic, overdosing on pills and otherwise self-harming. In Japan, child and adolescent suicides hit record levels in 2020, according to the Education Ministry.

Pediatric psychiatrists say they’re also seeing children with coronavirus-related phobias, tics and eating disorders, obsessing about infection, scrubbing their hands raw, covering their bodies with disinfectant gel and terrified of getting sick from food.

Source: Global rise in childhood mental health issues amid pandemic

We put millions out of work, ruined children’s education and lives, destroyed people, up to 1/3d of deaths due to Covid are due to the policies – but at least we crushed the curve to Zero Covid so it was all a great success!