Kansas officials confirmed on Thursday that a 68-year-old Atchison County woman experienced anaphylaxis and died after she received a COVID-19 vaccination but said no link between the shot and her death had been determined.

Source: Officials Say Cause Of Death Unknown For Kansas Woman Who Got COVID-19 Shot | KCUR 89.3 – NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.

“…a woman began experiencing “anaphylaxis,” which is an allergic reaction, during the waiting period after the vaccine was administered to her in Jefferson County.”

She was provided medical treatment at the scene, then taken to a Topeka hospital, where she died, said KDHE spokeswoman Kristi Zears.

And the PR spin is there is no way to know if there is a link with further emphasis that vaccine is completely safe. This is a PR fiasco, being handled very poorly.

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