FEAR!!!!: “We Must Start Planning For a Permanent Pandemic”

Surprising to see them come right out and say this:

With coronavirus mutations pitted against vaccinations in a global arms race, we may never go back to normal.

Source: When Will Covid End? We Must Start Planning For a Permanent Pandemic – Bloomberg

Thus confirming the conspiracy theories, eh?

He implies we need to get use to permanent, periodic “lock downs” (treating us like prison inmates), face masks and social distancing forever.

Reality – the planet has experienced pandemics before and survived. This is not even the worst of them, by far. But it is essential for the media to keep the fear and hysteria set to “11” as long as possible. The column above is definitely an “11” on the stupid scale.

There’s more: “COVID-like virus called RSV runs rampant in Melbourne affecting children”

Talk about idiotic fear mongering headlines. RSV is a common cold virus that’s been around forever. The media has become a parody of itself.