Yes: “did misguided mask advice drive up Covid death toll for health workers?”

Science joins the cloth mask denier community – the pre-Covid face mask studies were correct:

Other new studies show that patients with Covid, simply by talking or breathing, even in a well-ventilated room, could make workers sick in the CDC-sanctioned surgical masks. ….

The growing body of studies showing aerosol spread of Covid-19 during choir practice, on a bus, in a restaurant and at gyms have caught the eye of the public and led to widespread interest in better masks and ventilation.


“The upshot is that it’s inhalation” of tiny airborne particles that leads to infection, said Milton, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Health who studies how respiratory viruses are spread, “which means loose-fitting surgical masks are not sufficient.”

Source: CDC’s ‘huge mistake’: did misguided mask advice drive up Covid death toll for health workers? | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Pre-Covid-19, numerous studies found:

  • Good effectiveness from N95 type respirator masks
  • Limited support for medical grade surgical masks
  • No evidence at all for cloth face masks

This then is the answer to my obvious question – we spent the entire pandemic being foolishly told that generic face masks, made from random bits of cloth, using random designs, and assembled by persons of unknown skill would stop Covid-19 – in spite of decades of research saying otherwise:

Business Insider – and others in the media – are gradually starting to do the job they should have done a year ago – that is, notice that our year long cloth face mask advice was bullshit and the CDC is a failed institution.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve gone through at least four major cultural shifts when it comes to wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

First, we heard: don’t wear a mask! Save them for frontline healthcare workers tending to sick patients.

Then: OK, wear a mask, but make it yourself.

Next: pretty, pretty please wear a mask because they really work quite well. Healthcare workers, try to get your hands on an N95 if you can.

And now: wear a mask (or two!) that’s most comfortable for you, and make sure it filters and fits your face best.

The CDC should have – as I said a year ago – established face mask standards. They did not. In fact, the first standards for cloth face masks were not issued by anyone until the ASME put out standards in February 2021. Only one product on the market meets those standards.

The CDC should have requested the Federal government uses its Defense Procurement Act to begin manufacturing N95 masks in suitable quantities – but they did not.

The CDC is a failed institution of arrogance.

Epidemiology is 21st century astrology with the honesty of alchemists. At some point there must be a public reckoning over failed tests, failed guidance, idiocy from CDC Director Redfield, and and flawed policy on using nearly worthless cloth face masks. The CDC has been a failure and its incompetence has killed people. The CDC existed for one purpose – to deal with pandemics, and it failed. Completely failed.

What I wrote on April 12, 2020 now seems rather spot on.

And also on April 13, 2020 – a literature review – Would you wear a cloth face mask?

And an example of an effective mask I not only supported, but made (2 of them).

Both of the above posts were not published because of the hysteria and abuse encouraged by public health “experts” to anyone who was not convinced of cloth face mask usage.

From the beginning, I have said using effective masks made sense – but using random bits of cloth, randomly assembled by persons of unknown skill never had any scientific support.


And IDIOT applies to this individual and the OHA. OHA paid participants in these photo shoots $1,000. The specifically sought rural and blue collar workers – and prohibited applicants from the Portland area. Talk about a bull shit propaganda campaign.

  1. He’s fucking outside on his motorcycle with a high volume of air racing past him, causing massive dilution of viral particles.
  2. With that beard, he has no air seal what so ever.

This idiocy persuades people that masks have nothing to do with stopping a disease.