Why get vaccinated? Expert says parents should not hug their own kids after being vaccinated

It’s lock downs, social distancing, face masks and never hugging a family gain for this sociopath:

Britons should not hug their children even once they’ve been vaccinated, an expert has stressed, amid warnings that millions are likely to begin ignoring coronavirus lockdown rules once they have had the jab.


Asked whether people who had received the jab could hug their children, Janet Lord, director of Birmingham University’s Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, said: “I would certainly advise not to do that at the moment because as you probably know with the vaccines they take several weeks before they are maximally effective.”

Source: Vaccinated Brits told not to hug kids amid fears millions will ignore Covid rules once they have jab | Evening Standard

Read the whole thing. The experts are still saying may be the vaccines won’t work. And we wonder why there is vaccine hesitancy?

These arrogant experts have gone insane.

Note – I am a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience. I do not make predictions: I make observations and ask stupid questions. Covid-19 is a real disease, infecting too many, seriously hurting far too many, and killing too many. Covid-19 is not a hoax – its the experts that are the hoax.