Why did 15 days to flatten the curve turn into infinity?

Youyang Gu is an electrical engineer and computer scientist. He applied machine learning algorithms to analyze. Covid-19 epicurve data and turned that in to model projections. His models have been more accurate than the “professionals”. The CDC added his models to their model ensemble.

As of March 7, he discontinued doing further model updates so he may concentrate on other activities. He has projected that the pandemic is largely over with my late spring of 2021.

2 thoughts on “Why did 15 days to flatten the curve turn into infinity?”

  1. Because the government has done a bait and switch on us. We are now ordered to do what we are told for as long as they say or we will not be allowed to celebrate the 4th of July together. This is not about our health, it’s about control.

    1. I have reached the same conclusion. Until June of 2020, I bought into the mantra. The first week of June, Dr Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist posted (June 2) on her Twitter feed that protesting was more important than fighting a virus. We went from “Stay Home. Save Loves. Don’t Kill Grandma” to “Go out an protest and Kill Grandma”. In the next 2 days, 1,288 public health “experts” signed an online petition urging the same. After a couple of days, a functioning adult had the petition pulled offline as it was embarrassing and damaging to public health. Since that week, public health lost all credibility. Today, the data do not support many of their claims and forecasts.

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