Oregon de facto opens vaccine eligibility to everyone

This is the correct step regardless:

As it has done so far, the state will continue to allow Oregonians to self attest to their eligibility for vaccinations — meaning a doctor’s note or proof of age or occupation aren’t required. Public health officials say requiring proof of eligibility could slow down the vaccinations rollout.

Source: Oregonians age 45 and older with underlying conditions can get COVID vaccine March 29 — general population by July 1 – oregonlive.com

See the earlier post about being unable to verify eligibility.

As said here in the past, by April or so, vaccinations need to be open to all as there is no way to verify eligibility.

Otherwise, we get the absurdity of The Onion’s column on vaccine rollouts:

“If you are between the ages of 49 and 52, were born in Iowa but now live in Ohio, reside exactly 3.25 miles from a hospital, or have bowled a 300 game, you should proceed to a medical facility to receive your Covid vaccine,”

Much more at the link – hilarious as usual!