U.S. could reach herd immunity by late spring –

Yet another crack forms in the epidemiological psy-ops terror campaign:

Based on the number of vaccinations that have already been administered, as well as findings from a recent study by Columbia University, Judd estimates the nation may reach herd immunity by May. The study by Columbia suggests that, as of the end of January, more than a third of the U.S. population had already been infected with coronavirus.

Source: U.S. could reach herd immunity by late spring – News | UAB

It seems our mitigation steps, at best, prolonged the disaster:

After factoring in vaccination data, Gottlieb estimated about 40% of U.S. residents right now have antibodies from prior infection or inoculation — a percentage that will rise as more people are vaccinated.

In December, a brain injured idiot wrote about this. 

What does it say about the field of epidemiology when non-experts (brain injured idiots, no less) mentioned these things much earlier?