That did not take long: U.S. should consider donating vaccines to other countries to combat China’s global influence

Wow, even a brain injured idiot suggested this would happen:

“Countries like India and China are already using the coronavirus vaccine as a diplomatic tool; both are giving away doses to other nations in an effort to expand their global influence. National security experts said the United States should consider doing the same.”

Source: U.S. and Novavax Will Aid Global Vaccination Campaign – The New York Times

“Vaccine diplomacy” is a new word pair, adding to “vaccine privilege” and “vaccine envy”.

For now, the US says it will not donate doses until it has a “sufficient supply” or at least while our vaccine program is expanding.

Best guess: With daily new cases in sharp decline, and the vaccine program likely no longer expanding in late spring,  the “experts” will declare the U.S. has “sufficient supply” and will donate 5% by mid-year, and at least another 5-10% in 2H 2021. Watch for them to say we have reached a state of “herd immunity”, ignoring their prior statements we needed to have 85% vaccinated.

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