The cause been right out there all this time.

Obviously, the pandemic waves correlate with solar sunspots!

We don’t know if the sunspots caused the pandemic waves or if the pandemic waves caused the sunspots, but does it matter?

Note the case peaks in spring, July, and then climbing in October-December, peaking, and then falling off a cliff.

Now take a look at the solar sunspot index from Feb last year to this year.

The blue line – solar sunspot number – peaks in April, then in July, and then in October starts climbing with a peak in December, followed by a sharp drop off.

The correlation is obvious, isn’t it?

Do you think I should submit this to Nature?

Seriously, it makes about as much sense as the other ten random official explanations by experts as to why the pandemic peaked and is now collapsing!

They have no idea why nor do I. But they can spin some fancy dancing and hand waving with equally nonsensical explanations!

I have seen many erroneous random correlations made by “experts” recently. Hopefully this sort of example makes clear the silliness of what they are doing. Sadly, people take the “experts” seriously.

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