About 2 weeks ago, I placed an order for an electronics item that was to ship on February 12th. That shipment date was then revised to … JUNE 2021.

Reports emerged in January that shipping companies were rejecting tons of U.S. agricultural exports worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the final quarter of 2020, opting instead to send empty containers back to China to be filled with more profitable goods.

Meanwhile a crippling shortage of containers during the resurgence in global demand sent shipping costs soaring 300% and led to delays for goods shipped from China.

Source: Container shipping locked in a significant bottleneck as demand surges

The item I ordered is a non-consumer electronics item, made in the U.S., but from parts acquired through the global supply chain.

Obviously, I canceled the order and have now placed an order for a slightly higher end, comparable product, from another vendor. Hopefully it can ship sooner!

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By EdwardM