The following countries have removed many restrictions for travelers who have vaccine privilege:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Estonia
  3. Georgia
  4. Iceland
  5. Lebanon
  6. Poland
  7. Romania
  8. Seychelles
  9. Thailand

Suspect this list will be far larger by spring of 2021.

Update after the break.

Update: push to vaccinate young, healthy, physically fit Olympic athletes well in advance of the Tokyo Summer Olympic games. Oh my – and just like that, it is happening as elite athletes are already getting vaccinated ahead of the vulnerable populations. A leading medical ethicist says this is proper as we should now turn our attention to view entertainment being a quality of life issue. But it’s worse – he’s an arrogant elitist asshole:

“The world may actually wind up saying, you know what, maybe a few less people who are delivery people got vaccinated, but that was meaningful to us help get us through.”


By EdwardM